FEA of Engine Exhaust ValveAn engine exhaust valve operates at extremely high temperature and pressure due to exposure of hot exhaust gases. At the worst engine operating condition at around 5000 rpm the load is maximum, hence the temperature distribution on the exhaust valve at each open and closed position and its impact on the physical strength of the valve is required to investigate by Finite Element Method.

In this study, ANSYS-FEA is employed for modeling

CFD Analysis Of MicrochannelAdvanced very large-scale integration (VLSI) technology has resulted in signi´Čücant improvements in the performance of electronic systems in the past decades. With the trend toward higher circuit

Case Study on Solar Air Heater Square RibsSolar air heater is a type of solar thermal system where air is heated in a collector and either transferred directly to the interior space or to a storage medium. The system consists of an absorber


Modeling of Roped ElevatorRoped Elevators are the most common type of elevators. They are faster compared to their hydraulic counterparts. This makes them more suitable for higher rising, modern buildings.

They also

Modeling of Spaceframe Race CarThe objective of this design study is to create a spaceframe of a car using weldment feature in Solidworks for SAE purpose.This design study will explain the steps required for designing a

Mechanism Design A small case study is presented which is a conceptual design from a typical system designed for material transfer. Electrical components and control system is not modeled in the current study

Case Study: Concept Modeling of Jet EngineThe prime objective of this case study is to showcase the capability of SOLIDWORKS as a CAD tool to design a complex model of Jet Engine (also known as gas turbine engine).

In this case study, all