Case Study on Design & Analysis of Scissor Lift


The scissors lift is an elevator with a system of levers and hydraulic cylinders on which the metal platform is capable of moving in the vertical plane. This is achieved by using linked, folding supports in a criss-cross “X” pattern, called scissor mechanism.

The need for the utilization of elevators is incredibly wide and it runs across workshops, factories, labs, fixing of billboards, residential/commercial buildings to

CFD analysis of Butterfly Valve- With & Without Spring Force

A rigid body is a solid object that moves through a fluid without deforming. Its motion is dictated by the fluid forces and torques acting upon it, plus any external forces (such as gravity) and

Numerical Simulation of Flow Ower Flat - Sloped Stepped Spillway

spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee into a downstream area, typically the riverbed of the dammed river itself

Transient Analysis of A Heating Element Kept Inside A Chamber Containing Water

Natural Convection is a heat transfer mode in which fluid motion is not generated by any external source ( like a pump or fan ) but only because of density difference caused by temperature gradient


The movement of liquid cargo within a partially filled tank from one side of the tank to the other in the form of wave when being transported is referred to as “Tank Sloshing.” Severe effects of

Simulation Of Turbulent Flows Through a Solar Air Heater

Conventional solar air heaters have poor thermal efficiency due to low-convective heat transfer coefficient between absorber plate and flowing air stream. It can be increased by increasing the

 CFD Based Analysis of Solar Air Heater Having V-Shaped Blocks on Absorber Plate

Energy is a crucial input in the process of economic, social and industrial development of any nation. During past several decades, energy demand of the world has been increasing continuously at an


The historical development of the present knowledge on fatigue crack initiation and Fatigue crack growth is marked by a number of characteristic observation and analytical concepts. 

CFD Methodology for Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are one of the mostly used equipment in the process industries. Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between two process streams. One can realize their usage that any process

Simulation of a Tank fill by Volume of Fluid Method Using Ansys Fluent

VOF model is used to model immiscible fluids with clearly defined interface. Numerical study of multiphase fluid flows require mathematical methods for distinguishing interface between two fluids