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Summer Training in Dehradun

CPDLR offers AAPL & TTRC certified summer training in Design & Analysis at dehradun . Learn Industry relevant tools and methods . Do Your final Year Project & take part in live project problems. Autocad, CATIA , ANSYS –FEA, ANSYS-CFD, PV-ELITE , Solidworks oriented programs.

Summer Training @ CPDLR Dehradun

  • Take advantage of AAPL-TTRC certification in Design & Analysis – CAD, CAE, CFD at Dehradun.
  • Undertake Project Activities & get opportunities to work on live projects in Mechanical , Aeronautical ,, Oil & Gas Industry .
  • Learn tools & techniques in demand at prominent research & design hubs of India .
  • Expose yourself to Technical Report writing , Research Methodologies and Powerful presentation techniques.
  • Have a practical feel of working with engineering design & analysis consultants for a fruitful learning and career rewarding experience.