CAD FEA CFD Training Programs in Dehradun

CPDLR Dehradun specializes in crafting specific program for the needs of students and professionals.

Students are often confused when looking forward for a complete packaged program in areas of Design & Simulation Engineering. Sometimes they gather half cooked information from internet and many a times do not try to self-evaluate the actual worth and value addition potential of the program in their academic and professional life. With several software doing rounds which offer great deal of privilege to explore areas in design engineering, it is important that the student or a researcher or a newbie professional carefully evaluate his or her objective function to learn the areas of CAD, FEA & CFD.

CPDLR specializes in crafting specific program for the needs of students and professionals. We do not simply look forward to teaching a typical engineering tool in computer aided design or computer aided engineering but rather try to bring out the market potential concept of such tools to the candidates. Indeed a vast number of students have learnt from a pool of our experts in areas such as ANSYS usage for Heat & Mass transfer , CATIA usage for Aerospace components , Solidworks usage for General Mechanical Engineering & Product Design , FEA applications to Pressure Vessel design , Fluent applications to internal flow & Heat transfer applications of the Industry , Pipe stress analysis for skids & refineries , Tekla applications to steel structural detailing especially for Saudi Arabia and Gulf market and many other areas in engineering which hold a direct connection with job market.

CPDLR aspire to make application knowledge as relevant as possible to the students in engineering or new member in research or current professionals looking for improvements. A common trend of undergoing a coursework for the sake of a certification only should stop and students and researchers must look for innovative ways in which they can orient their skills for specialization and super specialization in allied domains.

While there are a number of programs segment which you may find and can explore on this portal , we advise you to interact with our center in Dehradun to understand the scenario carefully before choosing any of such studies in areas of CAD , FEA or CFD in engineering .

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