Case Study on simulation of Impeller & Volute Casing for Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are mainly used for pumping water in industrial and residential properties. These machines move liquids with the help of kinetic energy that is stored in the motor. Although, their main function is to move water and cause the liquid to flow, centrifugal pumps are also used in sewage, food processing plants, water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, chemical and petroleum industries and have become extremely popular down the

INTRODUCTION to Radiator Cooling

In recent years, experimental as well numerical studies has proven that nano-fluid ( nanometer-sized metallic particles suspended in based-fluid ) has higher heat transfer capability as compared to

FEA for SAE Frame

Multi tubular space frames, often referred to as roll-cage acts as a structural embody for various types of automotive vehicles. The frame has to conform to the rules specified by SAE.The Engineering

FEA Of Engine Exhaust Valve

An engine exhaust valve operates at extremely high temperature and pressure due to exposure of hot exhaust gases. At the worst engine operating condition at around 5000 rpm the load is maximum, hence

FEA of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearing’s structure is simple and is widely applied. Its main failure mode is contact fatigue spalling of rolling elements. The contact finite element analysis can show bearing’s

Moving Wall Effect and Zones

Ansys fluent gives us the ability to define conditions for the boundary (wall) as moving. In addition to this we have entire set of capabilities to set up the zone as moving & rotating. We have

Case Study on CFD Analysis Of Microchannel

Advanced very large-scale integration (VLSI) technology has resulted in significant improvements in the performance of electronic systems in the past decades. With the trend toward higher circuit

IC Engine performance improvement using GVSTD ( Guide Vane Swirl & Tumble Device)

Rapid increase in fuel consumption as well as environmental pollution has become main concern in automotive industries. Proper combustion of fuel in Internal Combustion engine is essential for

The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) uses numerical methods to solve the partial differential equations which governs any type of flow. Therefore we can use CFD tool to investigate the behavior of

Case Study on Modeling of Spaceframe Race Car

The objective of this design study is to create a spaceframe of a car using weldment feature in Solidworks for SAE purpose.This design study will explain the steps required for designing a spaceframe



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