Case Study on Solar Air Heater (Square Ribs)

Solar air heater is a type of solar thermal system where air is heated in a collector and either transferred directly to the interior space or to a storage medium. The system consists of an absorber plate and metallic plate or glass cover.The use of artificial roughness on the absorber plate is one of the best heat transfer enhancement method employed in solar air heaters. An artificial roughness on the heat transfer surface in the form of wires

Case Study on System Design for Hazardous Material Transfer

 A small case study is presented which is a conceptual design from a typical system designed for material transfer. Electrical components and control system is not modeled in the current study

Case Study on Modeling of Rockbreaker

rockbreaker is a machine designed to manipulate large rocks, including reducing large rocks into smaller rocks. They are typically used in the mining industry to remove oversize rocks

Case Study on Modeling of F1 Racing Car

A short case study for teams to explore the technique of modeling by making use of standardized blueprints of cars available is presented for a quick go through by young enthusiasts. Here the

Modeling of Roped Elevator

Roped Elevators are the most common type of elevators. They are faster compared to their hydraulic counterparts. This makes them more suitable for higher rising, modern buildings.

They also offer

Case Study on CFD for a Car( Impact of Rear Wing)

Aerodynamics is the branch of fluid dynamics concerned with studying motion of air, particularly when it interacts with a moving object. Understanding the motion of air (often called flow field)

Conjugate Heat Transfer Through Solids Of Different Materials

Conjugate heat transfer is common in many engineering applications, including heat exchangers, HVAC, and electronic component design.

  • Conjugate heat transfer refers to the ability to compute

Case Study on Modeling of Jet Engine

The prime objective of this case study is to showcase the capability of SOLIDWORKS as a CAD tool to design a complex model of Jet Engine (also known as gas turbine engine).In this case study, all the

Design And Development Of Solar Powered Car Using Solidworks

Solar vehicle is used as one of the most energy saving vehicle where the use of renewable energy meets sustainable energy demands with reduction of fuel cost plus purification of atmosphere. Solar

CFD Simulations for Fan Models

The circulation and the effect of different Fan blade shapes can be analyzed using computational fluid dynamics. This approach can also be utilized for parametric optimization. A brief case study of



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