1.1 Introduction

Introduction ImageFinite element analysis (FEA) involves solution of engineering problems using computers. Engineering structures that have complex geometry and loads, are either very difficult to analyze or have no theoretical solution. However, in FEA, a structure of this type can be easily analyzed. Commercial FEA programs, written so that a user can solve a complex engineering problems without knowing the governing equations or the


1.   What is the finite element method (FEM)?

The FEM is a novel numerical method used to solve ordinary and partial differential equations.The method is based on the integration of the

Finite element analysis of beambracketProblem Statement:

A static structural and linear buckling analysis of a “Beam Bracket” was carried out for assessing its safety factors. The bracket is made of structural steel with given material

Solar EnergyIn today's climate of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern, alternatives to the use of non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels have to be investigated. One such alternative is

Transfer of heat from one fluid to another is an important operation for most of the chemical industries. The most common application of heat transfer is in designing of heat transfer equipment for

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a fast growing engineering method in simulations which involve systems behaviour, process and equipments (flow of gasses and liquids), heat and mass transfer

Computational Fluid DynamicsA typical chemical processing unit processes a large amount of fluid. Given the economics of most unit operations, even small improvements in efficiency and performance can result in significant

Model For AnalysisIntroduction: 

In this example you will learn to model a cooling fin for electronics. This involves heat generation, conduction and convection.



Physical Problem: 


alloy steel main imageThe development of alloy steels in the past has been largely a result of trial and error. It is practically impossible to predict, with any degree of certainty, the exact properties that can be



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