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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a fast growing engineering method in simulations which involve systems behaviour, process and equipments (flow of gasses and liquids), heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions and other related physical phenomena.





Ansys fkuent and cfxWe can use CFD to stimulate pressure drops, aerodynamic lift or drag, rotor thrust prediction, airflow circulation in air conditioned rooms for cooling optimization, optimizing mixing rules and so on.

ANSYS combines the most respected names in fluid stimulation. ANSYS fluent and ANSYS CFX which offers expert advice on CFD in times of evaluating product reliability, safety and market performance.


Ansys fluid dynamicsANSYS fluid dynamics stimulation platform which incorporated unrivaled modeling capabilities help to achieve desired accuracy, reliability and speed in predictions involving this progressive area of engineering.
ANSYS provides integrated tools that not only help you to conveniently understand which parameters require the tightest control. Integrated tools for design (shape) optimization and Six Sigma analysis are also available.
Both are control volume based for high accuracy and rely heavily on a pressure-based solution technique for broad applicability.


ansys cfxThe ANSYS CFX solver uses finite elements (cell vertex numerics), similar to those used in structural analysis, to discrete the domain. In contrast, the ANSYS FLUENT solver uses finite volumes (cell-centered numerics). Ultimately, though, both approaches form control volume equations that that ensure exact conservation of flow quantities, a vital property for accurate CFD stimulations. ANSYS CFX focuses on one approach to solve the governing equations of motion (coupled algebraic multigrid), while ANSYS FLUENT offers several solution approaches (density-based as well as segregated and coupled pressure-based methods). Both solvers contain a wealth of physical modeling capabilities to help ensure that any fluid dynamics simulation has all of the modeling fidelity required.


Ansys cfd floFurthermore, ANSYS CFD-FLO software addresses the fluid flow analysis needs of designers who work on the front lines of their company’s product development process. The tool limits the physics accessible by the user to the models most commonly used by design engineers. It is compatible with other applicable ANSYS Workbench add-ins. The reduced complexity and cost of ANSYS CFD-Flo software make it a good choice for design department.





Ansys icepackANSYS Icepack software is a family of products focused on electronics design and packaging. To improve the performance and durability of electronic boards and other components during the design of optimized cooling systems, the product calculates the flow field and temperature in electronics and computer systems.





Ansys PolyflowANSYS POLYFLOW software focuses on the needs of the materials industry, such as polymer processing, mold-filling, thermoforming and glass production. It can model the flow of fluids with very complex behaviour, such as viscoelastic fluids. ANSYS POLYFLOW offers unique features, such as the ability to perform reverse calculations to determine the required die shapes in extrusion. It also can calculate the final wall thickness in blow modeling process.




ansys fluid flowANSYS FLUID FLOW analysis technology allows for an in-depth analysis of the fluid mechanics in many types of products and processes. Not only does it reduce the need for expensive prototypes, it provides comprehensive data that is not easily obtainable from experimental tests. Fluid simulation can be used to complement physical testing.





fortune global 500With the equaled depth and unparalleled breadth of engineering simulation solutions, companies are transforming their leading edge design concepts into innovative products from ANSYS and process their work. Today, almost all of the top 100 industrial companies on the “FORTUNE GLOBAL 500” invest in engineering simulation as a key strategy to win in a globally competitive environment. They choose ANSYS as their simulation partner, deploying the world’s most comprehensive multiphysics to solve their complex engineering challenges.



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