Model For AnalysisIntroduction: 

In this example you will learn to model a cooling fin for electronics. This involves heat generation, conduction and convection.



Physical Problem: 

All electronic components generate heat during the course of their operation. To ensure optimal working of the component, the generated heat needs to be removed and thus the electronic component be cooled. This is done by attaching fins to the device which aid in rapid heat removal to the surroundings.


Problem Description:

For the sake of simplicity we assume that the electronic circuit is made of copper with thermal conductivity of 386 W/m K. Also it generates heat at the rate of 10e6 W.
The enclosing container is made of steel with thermal conductivity of 20 W/m K.
The fins are made of aluminum with thermal conductivity of 180 W/m K.

Units: Use S.I. units … centimeters ONLY

Geometry: See figure. Please note that the heat generating copper is only 3 cm long, and does not extend to the end of the base!

Boundary conditions: There is convection along all the boundaries except the bottom, which is insulated. The Film Coefficient is 50 W/m2K and the Bulk Temperature is 20oC.

To determine the nodal temperature distribution.
To determine the maximum value of temperature in the component.


Geometry, Dimensions and Design Modeler:

geometro dimentions 1   Geometry dimentions 2   Model For Analysis


The 3D model for the problem was designed in ANSYS – “Design Modeler”



Meshing Details & Meshed Model:

Mesh Details 1 Meshed detail and model
Mesh Details 2  




The Problem was solved for the Temperature distribution, the max. and min. temperature are shown in the fig.




Results when the number of fins is doubled:

When number of fins are doubled the maximum temperature reached in the heat generating copper core  decreases from 87.129c to 68.651c.This showcase that a considerable cooling effect can be obtained by increasing the number of fins in this model.

Results When No. of fin are doubled



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