Case Study on Design & Analysis of Scissor Lift


The scissors lift is an elevator with a system of levers and hydraulic cylinders on which the metal platform is capable of moving in the vertical plane. This is achieved by using linked, folding supports in a criss-cross “X” pattern, called scissor mechanism.

The need for the utilization of elevators is incredibly wide and it runs across workshops, factories, labs, fixing of billboards, residential/commercial buildings to repair street lights, etc.                                



ojective of Case Study Design Analysis of Scissor Lift

model of scissor lift

Calculation for reaction on scissor arm

Free body diagram at lowest position Load on cylinder

Free body diagram at Highest position Load on cylinder

Mesh and boundary condition

 Stresses in scissor lift

Stresses in scissor arm

Total Deformation in scissor lift

Conclusion of scissor lift




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