Case Study on Modeling of Spaceframe Race Car

The objective of this design study is to create a spaceframe of a car using weldment feature in Solidworks for SAE purpose.This design study will explain the steps required for designing a spaceframe and how to start the design of spaceframe of a car.


The chassis (or frame) is a structure which locates and mounts all other parts of the vehicle. It also provides a protected space for the occupant(s).

Spaceframe Chassis

  • The Spaceframe chassis uses numerous cut and shaped pieces of structural metal tubing (usually steel) joined together to form a strong framework.
  • Spaceframes usually use square or round tubing.
  • Square tube is easier to work with because cutting it involves straight cuts at a particular angle.
  • Round tubing does not butt up against other round tubes well, and therefore requires a special tube notcher to cut round shapes into it.
  • The key aspect of spaceframe design is to identify and analyze the loads that are to be expected, and design the frame and triangulation to handle those loads in an optimized fashion.
  • As tubing in tension provides higher strength than compression, a lighter gauge tubing may be used in tension loaded areas to save weight.
  • In areas where tubing sees compression loads, a heavier gauge or larger diameter tubing may be better to use.




Modeling of Spaceframe Race Car Project


Selection of frame type for modeling race car


how does triangulation work


solidworks final model


how to start modeling of Spaceframe Race Car


Sketch for main frame and lower frame for Spaceframe Race Car


Sketch for bulkhead Spaceframe Race Car


Sketch for bulkhead 2


Seat Postion of Spaceframe Race Car


Engine area of Spaceframe Race Car


Complete frame using 3 d sketch


Apply structure members of Spaceframe Race Car


Mirror the bracing members of Spaceframe Race Car


Mounting engine intake assembly of Spaceframe Race Car


Mounting tabs of Spaceframe Race Car


Final geometry of Modeling Spaceframe Race Car



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