Case Study on CFD Analysis Of Microchannel

Advanced very large-scale integration (VLSI) technology has resulted in significant improvements in the performance of electronic systems in the past decades. With the trend toward higher circuit density and faster operation speed, however, there is a steady increase in the dissipative heat flux at the component, module, and system levels. It has been shown that most operation parameters of an electronic component are strongly affected by its temperature as well as its immediate thermal environment. This leads to an increasing demand for highly efficient electronic cooling technologies. To meet this demand, various electronic cooling schemeshave been developed.

Among others, the micro-channel heat sink has been proven to be a high performance cooling method. A schematic of the structure of a rectangular micro-channel heat sink is illustrated in figure. A large number of flow channels with characteristic dimensions ranging from 10 to 1000 micro meter are fabricated in a solid substrate which usually has high thermal conductivity such as silicon or copper. An electronic component is then mounted on the base surface of the heat sink. The heat generated by the component is first transferred to the channels by heat conduction through the solid, and removed by the cooling fluid which is forced to flow through the channels. The micro-channel heat sink combines the attributes of high surface area per unit volume, large heat transfer coefficient, and small cooling fluid inventory.                                



CFD for a Microchannel Heat Transfer


Objective of CFD Microchannel


Geometry of CFD Microchannel


Meshing of CFD Microchannel


Bondary Condition Solver Setup of CFD Analysis Of Microchannel


Results Temperature Contour of CFD Analysis Of Microchannel


Results Temperature Contour of CFD Analysis Of Microchannel10 times


Results Temperature Contour not scaled


Results Temperature Contour not scaled 2


Results Fully Developed Velocity Profile in Channel


Results Temperature Plots of CFD Analysis of Microchannel


Conclusion of CFD Analysis of Microchannel



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