Moving Wall Effect and Zones

Ansys fluent gives us the ability to define conditions for the boundary (wall) as moving. In addition to this we have entire set of capabilities to set up the zone as moving & rotating. We have brought together some important concepts to quickly understand this area and prospective application of this concept in our simulation related problems.                                



Concept of Moving Wall Boundaries Moving Zones


Introduction of Moving Wall Effect Zones


Approch to tackle two conditions in ANSYS Fluent


Example of the two approach


Moving wall boundary condition


Results of Translational Moving Wall


Rotating Moving Wall Boundary Condition


Results of Rotating Moving Wall


Results of Rotating Moving Wall


Results of Rotating Moving Wall


Moving Cell Zone Condition


Governing Equations In Rotating Frame of Reference


Single Reference Frame


Multiple Reference Frame


Identifying which technique to employSRF or MRF


Simulation of Ceiling Fan


Streamlines of fluid flow due to Ceiling Fan



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