FEA for SAE Frame

Multi tubular space frames, often referred to as roll-cage acts as a structural embody for various types of automotive vehicles. The frame has to conform to the rules specified by SAE.The Engineering students and The Engineers usually participates in BAJA SAE competition. The objective of this competition is to design and fabricate an All-Terrain Vehicle.This all-terrain vehicle is subjected to the various dynamic and static loads encountered during front, side, roll over and torsional impact. The most important aspect of the vehicle design is the frame. The frame contains the operator, Engine, brake system, fuel system, and steering mechanism, and must be of adequate strength to protect the operator in the event of a rollover or impact. The roll cage must be constructed of steel tubing, with minimum dimensional and strength requirements dictated by SAE. In this case study, ANSYS Workbench FEA has been used to investigate the response of the existing SAE frame (e.g., stresses anddeflections) under various types of impact. The Static Structural Module has been used against the Front, Side, roll over and Torsional impact. Modal Analysis Module is used to find out the mode shapes and the frequency response of the structure. At the end part of this study a Crash Analysis of the frame has been performed at a maximum possible speed of the frame i.e. 120 km/h by using Explicit Dynamics Module.



FEA Analysis OF SAE Frame


Multitubular Space Frame of Automotive Vehicles


Geometry For The Structural Analysis 1


Geometry For The Structural Analysis 2


Rendered Model Of SAE Frame


Meshed Model Of The Frame


Meshed Model Of The Frame 1


Boundary Condition


Maximum Bending Stress Combined Stress


Deformation On The Roll Cage


Side Impact Analysis


Structure for Side Loading


Roll Over Analysis


Roll Impact Loading

Torsional Stiffness Analysis

Structure For Torsional Impact Loading

Modal Analysis 1

Modal Analysis 2

Crash Analysis 1

Crash Analysis 2

Crash Analysis 3

Roll Cage Structure



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