IC Engine performance improvement using GVSTD ( Guide Vane Swirl & Tumble Device)

Rapid increase in fuel consumption as well as environmental pollution has become main concern in automotive industries. Proper combustion of fuel in Internal Combustion engine is essential for increasing engine efficiency as well as reducing the environmental pollutants emitted during exhaust stroke. To have proper combustion, in-cylinder swirl and tumble play significant roles. Swirl is the organized rotation of the air flow about the cylindrical axis while tumble is the movement of cylinder charge from upside to the downside of the cylinder and back again around an axis perpendicular to the cylinder axis. An increase in in-cylinder swirl and tumble can be achieved by using GVSTD device installed in front of intake manifold which further enhances combustion. This study brings out applications of ANSYS IC Engine module using cold flow analysis to examine and reflect on addition of a GVSTD device in front of the intake manifold of a IC Engine.


IC Engine Using GVSTD

Guide Vane Swirl Tumble Device


Internal Combustion Engine


Geometry GVSTD


Layered Structure Mesh


Crank Angle


Crank Angle 1


Boundary ConditionGVSTD


Swirl 1


Swirl 2


Swirl Ratio 1


Swirl Ratio 2






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