Case Study on simulation of Impeller & Volute Casing for Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are mainly used for pumping water in industrial and residential properties. These machines move liquids with the help of kinetic energy that is stored in the motor. Although, their main function is to move water and cause the liquid to flow, centrifugal pumps are also used in sewage, food processing plants, water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, chemical and petroleum industries and have become extremely popular down the years. Centrifugal pumps find their applications in pumping all types of low viscosity fluids at moderate pressure. Then can also easily handle liquids having high proportions of suspended solids present in them. Due to the wide Industrial applications of the Centrifugal Pump, it became an area of interest for the researchers to carry out different investigation on it. Experimental model testing is one of the procedures for prediction of performance but it is tedious, time consuming and costly.Conversely, theoretical approach merely gives avalue, but it is unable to determine the root cause for the poor performance. In the recent years, CFD started to play a key role for the prediction of the flow through pumps and turbines having successfully contributed to the enhancement of their design. The present study also utilizes CFD as a tool to predict the flow behavior, velocity profile and head loss in the pump. A recommended procedure by ANSYS for simulating turbo machinery problems has also been followed in the study.


Centrifugal Pump


Objective of Centrifugal Pump


Methodology Adopted


Analysis Sequence


Meshed Model


Boundary Conditions centrifugal pump


Results centrifugal pump


centrifugal pump result 2


3 result centrifugal pump


conclusion centrifugal pump




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