Soft Skills

Main ImageIn today’s world, using English on phone calls is really important. However people find it really difficult to make phone calls in ‘English.’ If one has to travel abroad, or has to work in a foreign company, usage of English on phone calls is really essential. Here are some phrases and sentences which will help you in improving yourself.

networkingTo successfully network, you need to Plan, Prepare and Participate.



Presentation SkillsMake eye contact: Eye contact helps to regulate the flow of communication. It signals interest in others and increases the credibility of the speaker.


analysingBe sensitive to audience needs and expectations with a “you,” attitude, politeness, positive emphasis, and bias free language. Build a strong relationship with your audience by establishing your credibility and projecting our company’s image. Adjust your delivery style to fit the situation, form casual to formal.

Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingNLP stands for “Neuro Linguistic Programming”. This refers to the fact that we have a mind-body system that can be programmed in a way we programmed software for a computer.



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