Soft Skills



“Communication, derived from the Latin word ‘Communicare’ which means, to share.”

English Comunication.pngUnfortunately many managers and executives take their communication with employees, and even customers, for granted. Many times we instinctively assume the role of a teacher who knows everything and feel irritated when other are not able to follow.

Genuine communication is essentially a TWO-WAY reciprocal process, not one-way information delivery.

Few areas to avoid when making Presentations or Communicating effectively:-

1. Do not present a topic to anyone without a definite purpose. Communication is not about you doing all talking.
2. Avoid flooding, listener (employee or customer) with information. Know the natural Thumb Rule: Too much in too little time cannot be digested.
3. Do not present incoherent ideas & non relevant information to the subject/case/objective which you are putting across the table.
4. Do not assume that information provided by you is completely under stood. Make room for detailing specific tasks and methods if required.
BodyLanguage5. Do not assume agreement on everything which you speak. A Great Presentation does not necessarily means good business. Try to quickly read acceptability of your ideas during the communication /presentation process. ( Learning Body Language , certainly helps here)
6. Avoid dull monotonous crude openings which sound out of this world, mundane or sarcasm wrapped in enthusiasm.

Meeting Someone
Ex: - Opening a meeting on Monday morning. “Hey! So team you all must be happy & excited to start your new week” [The Pit fall: You never know what happened with the poor Man/Woman on Saturday or Sunday, so better avoid




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