Soft Skills


 Developing a Presentation : The Essentials

In order to make an effective  Presentation these three points must be kept in mind.

Capture copy

1. Plan: -

Analyze the situation:


Define your purpose and develop a profile of your audience, including their emotional states and language preferences.

Gather the information:

gathering information

Determine audience needs and obtain the information necessary to satisfy those needs.

Select the right medium:

right mdium

Choose the best medium or combination of media for delivering your presentation , including hand outs and other support materials.

Organize the information:

information organising

Define your main idea, limit your scope and verify timing, select a direct or an indirect approach, and outline your content.

2. Write: -

Adapt to your Audience:

addressing the audience

Be sensitive to audience needs and expectations with a “you,” attitude, politeness, positive emphasis, and bias free language. Build a strong relationship with your audience by establishing your credibility and projecting our company’s image. Adjust your delivery style to fit the situation, form casual to formal.

Compose your Presentation:

Compose your presentation

Outline an effective introduction, body and close. Prepare supporting visuals and speaking notes.

3. Complete: -

Revise the Message:

revise the message

Evaluate your content and speaking notes.

Master you Delivery:

 master your delivery

Choose your delivery mode and practice your presentation.

Prepare to Speak:

prepare to speak

Verify facilities and equipments, including online connections and software setups. Hire an interpreter if necessary.

Overcome Anxiety:

overcome anxiety

Take steps to feel more confident and appear more confident on stage.



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