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In today’s world, using English on phone calls is really important. However people find it really difficult to make phone calls in ‘English.’ If one has to travel abroad, or has to work in a foreign company, usage of English on phone calls is really essential. Here are some phrases and sentences which will help you in improving yourself.



If you are the caller, you can introduce yourself as: “Hello, this is Akash Joshi.”On the other hand, if you answer the call and could not identify the speaker, you can say: “May I know who is calling, please?”



To ask for someone:

If you are calling to talk to a specific person, you should be polite and should use the phrase: “May
I speak to Shivani Ahuja, please?”  If you are calling with a specific reason or purpose, you can say:
“I am calling to make a reservation.”



Holding and transferringHolding and Transferring:

In order to make the person wait for a moment, the phrase: “Please hold” is used. Whereas, while transferring or being transferred to another person, “Connecting your call” or “Please hold. I’ll transfer your call” could be used.


Leaving a message:

Sometimes, the person whom we are calling is not available. In such situation, we should leave a
message. If an operator is talking to you, he might say:”Would you like you leave a message?” Or
you can say “May I leave a message?”

If you want the person to call you back, make sure that you have left your phone number there. You
can say to the operator that, “Tell him/her to please call me back on the same number.” Or
“on 1234567890.”



slow downAsking the speaker to slow down:

While talking, it might happen that you are not able to understand what the speaker is saying. In such situations, be honest. Tell the speaker that you are not able to understand him/her.

You can say: “I am sorry. Can you be a little slow?” Or “I am sorry. I am not able to understand you. Can you speak a little slowly?”

If you feel nervous while talking on phone, you can prepare a script of all the points you want to cover in the conversation and can finally organize your thoughts before calling.


Do not forget your manners. Always be polite on the telephone. Do not be aggressive or over exited. Just be simple, calm and cool. Also remember one golden rule to make telephone call – “the other person can really listen to your smile! “. What it means is that you talk with a grin or with a smile on your face this side may really twist the scales for or against you.



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