Best CAD FEA Training

Mech, Aero, Auto


Program Duration

2.5 Month – 65 Days
[ 150 hrs]

Type Of Program


Who Can Join

Students pursuing B.Tech in Engineering
[ Mech , Aero , Automobile, Oil & Gas]

Program Subgroups

Students can choose any one specialization

CAD Modeling
& FEA Analysis


CAD Modeling
& FEA Analysis


CAD Modeling
& FEA Analysis


Structural CAD Modeling
& FEA Analysis


CAD FEA TRAINING Program Introduction

CPDLR’s CAD FEA training program is dedicated to Industry relevant fields of Aeronautical EngineeringMechanical Engineering , Automobile Engineering and Oil & Gas engineering is a specialized blend of software learning with the practical and relevant know how of the specific industry and practices.

Best CAD FEA Training

CPDLR has especially devised this CAD FEA training program keeping in mind the job scenario and question coverage offered by the current consulting and engineering design companies in India and abroad. CPDLR Dehradun runs this CAD FEA training program as a combined coursework to make the students additionally appreciate the importance of 3D modeling in line to analysis requirements which is typically required in a design process.

CPDLR training program in CAD FEA incorporates intensive tool exposure with strong academic inputs and Industrial case studies. This program will enable students in final and pre-final year of engineering to think and devise unique project ideas for their projects, seminars and assignments.

This program is offered such that the student can orient his or her learning strategy as per to the JOB market and the engineering background he or she is aiming for. This intensive learning program gives the student a strong framework to learn full philosophy from design conceptualization to optimization.

CPDLR lectures in the program are taken by experts with wide experience of working with software in real time project environment. Joining us at Dehradun ( Uttarakhand ) will bring you closer towards learning the realities of Design and Analysis Industry .

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Our CAD – FEA training program will cover the Design and Analysis component with a focused approach on utilization of these components in Industry scenario .
Few major segments of the training program are illustrated below.

  • Design Fundamentals & Sketcher Functions
  • Part Modeling
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Surface Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Components Modeling
  • Design for Manufacturing Concepts
  • Modeling for Aero / Mech / Auto / Oil & Gas Components
  • Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
  • ANSYS Workbench & Process Portfolio
  • ANSYS Design Modeler
  • Modeling for FEA
  • CAD Imports and Geometric corrections
  • ANSYS Static Structural Analysis
  • ANSYS Thermal Analysis
  • ANSYS Thermal Structural Coupled Analysis
  • ANSYS Modal Analysis
  • Specialized Domain Case Studies – Mech | Aero | Auto | Oil & Gas
  • Concepts of Validation, Verification and Optimization in Design & Research
  • CAD FEA Project Case
  • PLM Concepts & Interview Preparation

Additional Extension Modules

ANSYS Buckling Analysis

Buckling Analysis

ANSYS Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

ANSYS Explicit Dynamics Analysis

Explicit Dynamics Analysis

What is different in our CAD-FEA TRAINING program?

CPDLR training programs always goal oriented and have inherent nature to adapt to market requirements and trends . While traditional training centers focus on explaining a software with intent of tool knowledge , CPDLR Dehradun instill the practical application based learning scenarios in CAD & FEA training for its students .

Our entire coursework is embedded with numerous case studies and project assignments which makes our participants capable to face interviews and perform excellently in tool test during interviews of good organizations.

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