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Program Duration

1 Month – 30 Days
[ 60 hrs]

Type Of Program

Certification & Skill Building

Who Can Join

Students pursuing B.Tech in Engineering
[ Mech, Aero, Automobile]

ANSYS CFD TRAining Program Introduction

ANSYS is a renowned platform for engineering simulations. Computational fluid dynamics is a fascinating science which has effectively changed the way systems and products were designed. CFD using ANSYS Workbench is 30 days, 60 hrs problem-based module which tries to develop conceptual and tool-based methodology for you to study and explore vast possibilities with ANSYS Fluent as a simulation tool during your course of study.

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We will focus on utilizing the powerful workbench concept to explain the basics of simulation, their need and application in projects step by step. The program is best suitable for students who want to learn and experiment with ANSYS but find difficulty in getting a confident start.

The course first teaches the participants to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer problems which you solve as textbook questions in engineering syllabus. Thereafter once the students get comfortable with the process and the concepts CPDLR helps to appreciate and learn the utilization of simulation in real world.

Our process which guides you through the leading simulation tool used by professionals will help you to start thinking like an expert within few days of the program.

Join us to see the impact of simulations in engineering and your role to use the same as an advantage for career growth.

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CPDLR offers best CFD training course in Dehradun. CPDLR’s ANSYS CFD training course content is basically designed from basic to advanced levels.

  • CFD Concepts and simulation approach
  • ANSYS Design Modeler
  • ANSYS Meshing for CFD
  • ANSYS Workbench
  • ANSYS Fluent Solver
  • ANSYS CFD Post for Post Processing
  • Internal & External flow – 2D/3D
  • Convective Heat Transfer and Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Validation and Verification Principle


CPDLR Dehradun is having best ANSYS CFD Training infrastructure in the region. CPDLR and its associates have team of the best ANSYS CFD Training experts who are working professionals with hands on real time ANSYS CFD projects expertise, which provides CPDLR an edge over other ANSYS CFD training Institutes.

CPDLR Dehradun has basically designed the ANSYS CFD training course content for the students as well as professionals. ANSYS CFD training in Dehradun imparted by CPDLR is delivered on short term as well as long term basis. CPDLR also imparts ANSYS CFD training on Live Projects. We also provide workshops in colleges for student groups.

cfd traning for job

CPDLR is a training facility which is dedicated to engineering design and analysis areas in mechanicalaeronauticalautomobile and piping engineering. ANSYS CFD Training in Dehradun emphasise on technical skills and knowledge for a job function is one of the most sought-after training programs for students and professionals.

CPDLR also provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and those who want to pursue their career in engineering design and development. CPDLR’s vocational training in ANSYS CFD design helps the student in transition from academic learning to professional learning. CPDLR is the best ANSYS FEA training center in Dehradun which provides training in every relevant domain of mechanical, aeronautical, automobile and piping engineering. The Curriculum of the ANSYS FEA Trainings and Workshops at CPDLR is set in such a manner that students and professionals can gain more experience in the field they choose.

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