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The Project Guidance is available for:

  • Students in Final year of Engineering looking for Projects in Manufacturing, Design & Analysis.
  • Students looking for Simulation, Validation and Verification studies
  • PhD candidates looking for specific problem resolution

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What is Project Guidance?

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Research Assistance and Project Guidance at CPDLR is a rigorous, systematic and interactive teaching method that engages students in learning essential knowledge and career-enhancing skills through an extended guidance as per industry standards towards project execution.

Our programs and execution methodology is designed to guide and assist the students and researchers of engineering to take up industry based /research based/comparative study-based projects of conceptual gravity aided by in depth usage of simulation and specialized engineering fields of next century which will lead an individual to realize and imbibe the problem-solving spirit of engineering.

Why Project Guidance at CPDLR?

It is high time that the students of engineering both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels are sincerely fed the fundamental idea of including projects and research thesis as part of curriculum by experts. Considering the project phase trivial for the sake of competitive examinations is something which essentially derails the very spirit of engineering education. CPDLR strictly propagates the philosophy of “Do not Cut Copy Paste & Dissuade Practice to Buy Projects.”

We promote that students are educated at the right time and guided in a methodical way to secure a decent project of their own. CPDLR wishes that colleges must unite with our goal to make a temperament wherein students get a 360-degree assistance and feedback on their project execution so that there is a feeling of working under a professional environment. An additional focus on improvements in presentation process will also make sure that a value creation in the student is focused at.

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The key activities that result in a successful project are

  • Problem identification
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Problem modeling
  • System analysis and specification
  • System design
  • Module implementation and system integration
  • System test and evaluation
  • Verification and Validation
  • Documentation
  • Project management

Problem Identification involves a lot of background work in the general area of the problem. Normally it calls for the use of prior experience which is typically not available to student body if they go forward for an industrial problem solving. A similar scenario comes into picture when we use this word “Research.” Although the subject has been part of post graduate programs but considering the shift in times and demand of Industry, it is essential that students at graduate level are clear made aware of carrying out research centric activities. One of the key areas where CPDLR assists students is applied research which has direct relevance for a student at time of job interview.

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At CPDLR we make sure that even while doing simplest problems the following relevant inclusions of
research techniques do make some connect with the students for long term success.

  • Formulating the Problem
  • Extensive Literature Review
  • Developing the objectives
  • Preparing the Research Design including Sample Design
  • Collecting the Data
  • Analysis of Data
  • Generalization and Interpretation
  • Preparation of the Report or Presentation of Results-Formal write ups of conclusions reached.

Once engaged with CPDLR mentors you will have access to a systematic process of executing project tasks and writing papers having good reach.

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